The Nephilim And The Great Pyraimd


I just finished reading a book on the Nephilim and the Great Pyramid. (The author) has a definite passion for his theories, so I found myself being cautious in accepting all of them at face value; passion and zeal don’t preclude logic and sense all the time! All in all a good book but some things have really left me wondering.

I read your article on the Great Pyramid of Giza, and I am very torn between both of the logical (but different) explanations in regards to who built them and when. (The other author’s) theory is very compelling, and ties together a lot of historical anomalies (particularly in ancient mythology).

If you are familiar with his work and theories, do you concede Satan and his brood could have built it? Why do scholars generally stick to the notion that man (either via Enoch or Shem) built it – albeit with supernatural guidance?


I read the book you’re speaking of when it first came out, but would have to read it again to recall what it said in any detail. I am convinced from this and other sources that the Nephilim had a much greater influence on the ancient world than most people realize. Yet at the end of the day, they were the hybrid offspring of fallen angels who had rebelled against God. In my opinion their destruction was the primary reason for Noah’s Flood. Setting aside issues of timing, the Great Pyramid was an incredible monument to God and according to Isaiah 19 will again testify of Him. Why would these creatures build such a timeless memorial to the One they were so vehemently opposed to?