What Stopped The Nephilim?


I was wondering if you believe that something about the human reproductive system changed after the flood along with our shortened life spans that rendered the nephelim incapable of interbreeding with humanity as they did in Gen. 6. I know there are other references throughout the old testament, but I can’t understand why all of the sudden they would stop being so wide spread and why the abductions would be so oriented around the reproductive organs. Why not just continue to mate as they did prior to the flood?


In the flood all the Nephilim alive at the time were wiped out. The angels who fathered the Nephilim before the flood were all rounded up and imprisoned. (2 Peter 2:4) This put an end to the enemy’s scheme to corrupt the human gene pool through hybridization.

There was another attempt to thwart the plan of God using giants around the time of the conquest of the promised land. This situation was different because only their great size is mentioned. There’s no indication of any other super human abilities. We’re not told anything about their origins, only that they were also called nephilim and the Lord once again ordered their extermination, this time by empowering His people to defeat them in battle.