More On The Nephilim


In your three part series on the Nephilim, you mention their presence in the Old Testament after the flood. I’m familiar with the verses you mention, but wonder if you have an opinion on how they re-emerged since one would think they had been destroyed by the flood.

If you have any thoughts on this question, I would appreciate knowing what you think.


The Bible doesn’t say where they came from, but a literal reading of Genesis 6:4 hints that the post-flood Nephilim came to be in the same way as the pre-flood version, the improper sexual union of fallen angels and human women.

Some believe that we’ll see one more return of the Nephilim in the last days, and speculate that the abundance of documented UFO sightings and alien led kidnappings over the last generation or so signal the early stages of their return. The King James rendering of Daniel 2:43 seems to agree.