The Rapture And The 2nd Coming


In the last year I have been studying the “Hebrew roots” of my Christianity and am now in AWE more profoundly than ever – of God’s patterns I’m discovering. Partly in thanks to your website I understand in a more straightforward way, the prophetic significance of the Spring Holy Days (Passover/Unleavened Bread/First Fruits) and the first coming of our Jesus the Christ. That – and also the likelihood of Jesus’ birth being sometime during Sukkot and his conception being sometime during Hanukkah! Simply Amazing!

My question is – given how God’s ordained Holy Days are directly related Jesus, and how it is likely that the Autumn Holy Days also relate to His second-coming, wouldn’t the Rapture likely occur during one of these God-ordained Holy Festivals in autumn? That still wouldn’t be pin-pointing a day or an hour if it occurred “some time” within, say, an 8 day festival – right?


I think it’s reasonable to assume that since the spring feasts were fulfilled in the Messiah’s first coming, then the Fall feasts will be fulfilled in the 2nd coming. But keep in mind that these feasts are Jewish and concern Israel. The Lord’s fulfillment of these feasts relates more to His relationship with Israel than to anything else.

The Rapture, involving only the Church, is a separate event and doesn’t belong to Israel. (Galatians 3:26-28) Besides, the Rapture is a number specific event, not a date specific one, and will happen as soon as the Church receives its full number (Romans 11:25). That’s why no one can know the time of its occurrence in advance.