The Rapture In Acts 15?


I read in one of your answers that you see Acts 15:13-18 as a proof of the pre-trib rapture, I think I see what you’re saying but it seems a bit weak. Would you clarify these verses for me?


In effect Acts 15:13-18 says Israel was being set aside until the Lord has taken out of the gentiles a people for Himself. The Greek word translated taken means to take for the purpose of carrying away, or to remove. After that he will cause the Temple to be rebuilt and restored, so that those who are left may seek the Lord.

To me it’s a pretty clear description of the fact that the 490 year clock of Daniel’s 70 weeks (Daniel 9:24-27) stopped in year 483 with the crucifixion. While it’s been stopped the Lord has focused on the Church. After He removes us He’ll turn to Israel again for the remaining 7 years. James was saying that the rapture will precede Daniel’s 70th Week.