The Second Coming


Thanks for your web site, which is so informative. I was reading an interpretation of Matthew 24:26 which said that the desert in this passage indicated Islam (Prophet from the Desert) and the Inner Rooms referred to Catholicism (the Vatican having over a 1,000 rooms) what would your view on this be please?


I think this individual is voicing a personal opinion, to which everyone is entitled. But don’t confuse that with an acceptable interpretation of the passage, because there’s nothing in the text to support such a position. Over the years a number of religious groups have been named as the fulfillment of part or all of this verse, but all those are personal opinions too. I believe the Lord was using two extremes to make His point. Whether people claim He’s out in the desert (hidden away from people) or in the inner rooms (hidden amongst them) they’ll be wrong, because when He comes He will be as obvious as lightning that flashes in the East and is visible even in the West. (Matt. 24:27)