The Supernatural War Of The End times


Thanks to your Q&A section, many things have been made much clearer to me, especially the prophecies of the End Times. One wonders, will the atheistic political Powers-That-Be ever recognize that they are battling against Almighty God Himself, not against secular, temporal enemies?


Yes, I think that at some point the world’s leaders will understand that they’re in a battle with supernatural forces. But if I’m right they, along with the rest of the post rapture world, will have been sold the Luciferian doctrine.

It’s the lie of 2 Thes. 2:11, which presents Lucifer (Satan) as the good guy, trying to bring spiritual light to the world to prepare mankind for the final phase of human evolution. (Lucifer means light bearer in Latin.) It’s a variation on the same lie the serpent told Eve; that she could become like God (Genesis 3:1-5).

Their enemy, who is God, is trying to prevent this because He doesn’t want mankind to have that power, and He’s going to a lot of trouble to stop them.

So I think they’ll know it’s a supernatural battle. But they’ll be convinced that there is supernatural power on their side too, and it’s superior to God’s. Big mistake.