The Timing Of The New Temple


Love all your newest articles on the PRE-Gog/Magog war. I have been wondering about that possibility for some time as I try to study prophesy and understand it. I am wondering though, where does it say or indicate the timing for the beginning of rebuilding the temple? I thought it could actually be at any time, even before the anti-Christ is revealed, of course knowing how he defiles it 3 1/2 years into the 7 year accord, claiming to be God. What are the specific Bible references that you use for the timing of the rebuilding of the temple.


The specific references you’re looking for don’t exist. We have to arrive there by deduction. For example, today there’s no official demand for a Temple because the nation is not in covenant with God. After Ezekiel 38 Israel will recognize their relationship with God again and reinstate the Old Covenant which will require a Temple. Daniel’s 70th Week will begin at that time also. In the middle of Daniel’s 70th Week the Temple will be desecrated (Daniel 7:27) so it will have to be built before then. Put it all together and it looks like the Temple will be built early in the 70th Week. That’s about as close as we can come.