The Two State Solution


I still enjoy reading your site almost daily. I’m so impressed with your insight. Very instructive and very well backed by scripture.

If you have already answered this question on your site, I missed it. My question is about the two state solution Israel is getting forced into. Do you see anywhere is scripture that God is going to allow the Palestinians to actually have a state next to Israel on Israel’s land with Jerusalem as their capital?

I have a hard time seeing that happening. Obviously, it wouldn’t be God ordained if it were to happen, but I wonder how much longer God is going to let Israel keep conceding His land before He
steps in? Conceding land is one thing, but an actual state that Palestinians can lay claim to and have the legal authority over? I don’t know. What are your thoughts?


I’m not a prophet, but I think there’s a possibility of something akin to civil war in Israel over this issue. Secular Jews see the benefit of giving the Palestinians a state so they can be held accountable under international law for their behavior. But religious Jews know that permanently giving away the land is prohibited (Lev. 25:23).

The current Israeli government was elected partly on the promise that there would be no 2 state agreement, and the majority of Jewish people are against it. But it’s been reported that some in the White house are in favor of toppling Israel’s government if that’s what it takes to get them out of the way. Even if they do implement the 2 state solution it won’t be permanent. Ezekiel 38 makes no mention of Israel’s next door neighbors, which would be strange unless they no longer exist, and in fact the burial ground in Ezekiel 39:11 is described as being in Israel but today is under Palestinian control.