Time Span Of The Four Seals


I was re-reading your essay on Revelation, and I wonder…when the first four seals are to be opened, is there any indication that it will happen in rapid succession, or will there be a space of time to allow the realization of each event to sink in?


Rev. 6 gives no hint as to the span of time involved for each one, but on average the first four seals will follow each other in fairly rapid order. The rider on the white horse will come during a time of false peace, which the rider on the red horse will take away as war begins. Famine and death, the black and pale horses, are the predictable effects of war and will follow shortly thereafter.

I believe all the judgments of Daniel’s 70th Week will happen in a linear fashion. If so, there will only be an average of about 3 months allotted to each of the 14 judgments that make up the Seals and Trumpets because all of them will unfold during the first half of the 70th week. The Bowl judgments, which are much more intense and on average will have longer durations, unfold progressively during the second half, called the Great Tribulation.

In summary, the people of Earth will feel like a prizefighter trapped in a corner of the ring while his opponent pounds him relentlessly.