Trumpets And Bowls The Same?


Is it possible that the trumpet judgements and the bowl judgments be defining the same events from a different perspective? It would seem that we are seeing God’s view and the unbelievers view of the same action for reinforcement.


Various people have tried to present the judgments of Revelation as being different views of the same events. But a careful reading identifies differences between these judgments that show they can’t just be different perspectives. For example, in the case of the Trumpet judgments the phrase “one third” is used 10 times in Rev. 8:6-12 to describe the extent of the effects of the various judgments. But no such limits are mentioned in reference to the Bowl judgments.

Also several things happen in the Bowl judgments that don’t happen in the Trumpet judgments. Examples here are the painful sores (Rev. 16:2) the intense heat of the Sun (Rev. 16:8-9), the total darkness (Rev. 16:10-11), every island and mountain disappearing (Rev. 16:20), and giant hailstones (Rev. 16:21).

In summary, I don’t see how a literal reading of these descriptions can lead one to the conclusion that the trumpet and bowl judgments are the same.