Trusting The Lord For Everything


I have always wondered when God writes “He will supply all your needs, and that “we are not to worry about the clothes we wear, food to eat.” But then I see those in very poor, third world countries and I am sure there are believers there. How do they not worry and wonder if their needs will be met when conditions are so terribly bad? There are many believers who are losing homes and jobs now even in the US, and I wonder why God allows His children to lose everything but then says not to worry, that He’ll supply those basic needs?


First of all, remember there’s a cause and effect relationship in that promise. If we stop worrying about ourselves and seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, he’ll provide for our needs. (Matt. 6:31-33)

For many the strength of their faith is inversely proportional to their material security. In simpler terms, the more secure we think we are the weaker our faith will be. As an example, I had to be stripped of all my material wealth before I was willing to trust God for everything. Now that I trust Him completely, he provides all my needs, but as long as I believed I could do it on my own and was unwilling to trust in Him, He was unable to bless me.

The very poor often have the strongest faith, because they know they can’t get by without the Lord’s blessing and can only trust Him to help.