Trusting The Word Of God


I am talking to some atheists and scientists and they have compelling arguments against Noah’s Ark and the flood. I just believed it and have read and listened to Christians talk about the corrupted DNA of the Nephilim and animals. The atheists talk about how it would be impossible to have every land animal and take care of them and their waste for forty days. How would you respond?


In the first place, I don’t debate Biblical matters with non-believers. Typically believers do not convince unbelievers to change their minds because the things of God are spiritually discerned and without the Spirit they cannot understand them (1 Cor. 2:14). But believers often walk away with doubts they didn’t have before. By listening to their “compelling arguments” you are giving their man made opinions more credibility than God’s word.

If you compare Genesis 7:11 and Genesis 8:14 you will see they were all on the ark just over 1 year, not 40 days. Reading about the days leading up to the flood you won’t find a description of them making any provision for feeding the animals. Nor will you find any record of either births or deaths during the time they were on the ark. And I believe taking care of that many animals for that length of time would have been an impossible challenge for 8 people.

To me the simplest answer is that God put all the animals into some form of hibernation for the time they were on the ark. No mess, no fuss, no bother. But the issue is not figuring out how God took care of all those animals. The issue is whether we trust the Word of God or not.