Unrest In Egypt


I have been reading several news articles this morning about how the situation in Egypt has serious implications for Israel. With pressure building on their northern borders with Hezbollah now there is a possibility of having an even greater foe forming on their southern border with much more advanced military capabilities. How does Egypt play into the upcoming events and what does the Word of God say concerning Egypt?


It’s still too early to determine the outcome of the current unrest in Egypt. But we can tell from Scripture that eventually Egypt will become a major player in the End Times Moslem world. Egypt is not included in the line up of Ezekiel 38, but according to Daniel 11:40 (where Egypt is referred to as King of the South) will make an unsuccessful play for leadership of the Islamic world during the Great Tribulation. They’ll do this by attacking the forces of the anti-Christ.

Egypt will return to God’s favor in the Millennium making favorable alliances with Israel and Assyria (Isaiah 19:23-25) but will again rebel by refusing to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (Zech 14:18-20). In Ezekiel 29:8-16 there’s an unfulfilled prophecy against Egypt of a 40 year period of desolation. Perhaps this is the result of the rebellion spoken of in Zechariah 14.