Current Palestinian Unrest


I want to sincerely thank you again for your Web site, and for all the work you are doing for the Lord. You are reaching literally untold millions with the truth. Praise the Lord! I would like your thoughts on the recent outbreak of Palestinian unrest in Jerusalem. Is it of any biblical significance? It seems like Jerusalem and Israel are always under an extreme threat from all nations, including the US


The Palestinian threat is a temporary one that according to Psalm 83 will soon disappear forever. Any day now one of their flare ups will result in their destruction and there will be no more talk of a Palestinian state because that’s not part of God’s plan for His Land. And when the time comes, Israel won’t need the US to get the job done. In fact, detaching itself from US imposed constraints will give Israel the freedom to demonstrate the full extent of its military might to the world, and we’ll see that it’s more than sufficient to meet the Palestinian challenge.