Current Events And Prophecy


In light of the administration’s reaction to Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Congress, it seems as if the U.S. Government is beginning to turn its back on Israel. How can Jerusalem become a “city without walls” if its allies begin fading away? Will the current battle against ISIS/ISIL cause the Arab countries to form a strong coalition to defeat these terrorists, enfolding Israel into its protection in the process, thus leading to a fulfillment of prophecy?


The prophecy of Psalm 83 says that all of Israel’s next door neighbors will mount an attack against Israel and be defeated. This will cause Israel to believe peace has come, and that’s how they will become “a peaceful and unsuspecting people living in cities without walls” as Ezekiel 38:11 requires.

Whether these neighbors will enlist ISIS to help, or whether ISIS will be defeated first, is unknown at this time. It’s too soon to see if ISIS fits into Middle East prophecy.

One of the mysterious points behind the upcoming US treaty with Iran is that it will obligate Iran to take charge of the war against ISIS. Perhaps Iran will get its allies to help take ISIS down.