Current Events in Syria


In light of recent developments in the Mid East, do you believe the build up in Syria is setting the stage for Ezekiel 38 or is this something unrelated.
One thing that’s perplexing is that seeing that Persia will become part of the coalition how will Israel ever be dwelling at peace and unguarded so long as a sworn enemy like Iran remains a viable threat? Is this some sort of oxymoron or is there a logical explanation?
What do you think?


The way I read Ezekiel 38 indicates that Israel will be enjoying what appears to be a time of peace sufficient to make them careless just before the Ezekiel 38 attack.

To me this means some kind of peace treaty will exist between Israel and its surrounding enemies. This would most likely be due to a decisive victory in the Psalm 83 war where all of Israel’s next door neighbors are defeated causing the Ezekiel 38 coalition to take a step back and regroup.