Are Current Events Foretold In Prophecy?


I’ve read several articles online about the possibility that Israel will soon attack Iran. I’m just curious what your thoughts are on this situation and how it fits into Biblical prophecy.


There’s a great temptation to see the possibility of Israel attacking Iran as a fulfillment of prophecy, specifically the Battle of Ezekiel 38. The problem is the circumstances are not right. In Ezekiel 38:1-11 Persia (Iran) is said to be leading a surprise attack against an unsuspecting Israel. But current events may be leading up to an Israeli attack against Iran that, if it happens, won’t surprise anyone.

Since Iran has promised to unleash Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas against Israel in the event of an attack, any fulfillment of prophecy would likely be related to Psalm 83 and/or Isaiah 17, not Ezekiel 38.

Leading experts are currently divided on this issue. Some say Israel has to act now since the opportunity for a military solution will disappear forever in 2-3 months because by then Iran will have a working bomb. Others say the entire Middle East would immediately go to war if Israel attacks and the resulting damage to an already fragile world economy would make the cost of such an attack far greater than any benefits to be gained.