Prophecy And Current Events


Prophecy wise, it looks as if all is coming together and yet when studying what the Word says and trying to fit in the every day events, I’m more confused than ever. I’ve just read about the U.S and Germany being friendly over some sort of “Single market” pact. Isn’t Germany in prophecy?

Also, the U.S. is still seeking a 2 state plan between Israel and the Palestinians. Doesn’t that put us at odds with God’s purposes? Are these not more signs of how close we are to the end?


I find that the comparison of prophecy to current events is a matter of seeing general trends emerge with a specific event thrown in every now and then to confirm the trend. Trying to fit every world headline into a fulfillment of prophecy is confusing and can be counter productive to our overall understanding. For me the increasing cooperation between Russia, Iran, and Syria is a powerful indication that the end is near. The destruction of Damascus would be a specific event that confirms the trend.

I don’t believe there’s any specific mention of Germany in prophecy. But I do believe that the US led effort for a 2 state plan conflicts with God’s purposes for the Promised land, since the proposed Palestinian state would consist almost entirely of land God gave to Abraham. Although the Bush Administration contains a number of Christians among its senior members, it appears that their attitude toward Israel is influenced by the replacement theology predominant in main line denominations.

It’s not clear to me whether there will ever be an official Palestinian State on Jewish Lands. But if there is, it will be destroyed in the Battle of Ezekiel 38. According to my understanding of Ezek. 39:11 an area near Jericho will become the site of the mass grave for the defeated Moslem armies. Palestinians call this the Valley of the Shadow of Death, as mentioned in Psalm 23, and Ezekiel 39:11 says that it’s in Israel. Under the “Road Map” it would likely become part of the new Palestinian State.