Was Jesus Married?


What is your opinion of the news of Jesus’ wife being mentioned in a Fourth-Century Papyrus Fragment – I believe Bloomberg News reported on it.


Something like this comes up every few years. I don’t pay any attention to it. Someone will get their 15 minutes of fame and then it will be seen for the fraud it is.

In other such claims Mary Magdeline has been suggested as being the Lord’s wife, but it would have been a violation of the Mosaic law for the Lord to have married her. Jesus came to be our High Priest. The Law forbids a priest from marrying a woman who isn’t a virgin unless she’s the widow of another priest. The High Priest couldn’t marry a non-priestly widow and was specifically forbidden from marrying a prostitute. (Lev 21:13-14) Jesus said He didn’t come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it.

In Genesis 6 the Bible says that one reason for the Great Flood was to judge those from the angelic host who took on the appearance of men, married human women and produced children contaminating the human gene pool. Would a Righteous and Just God now take this action for Himself while holding those others in chains for judgment? Think about it!

But most importantly would God, who became man to offer His sinless life as a ransom for the sins of humanity, have permitted His mission to be destroyed and mankind to be lost by falling into sin Himself? The reason for the restrictive betrothal customs in the Lord’s time was to keep the couple from yielding to the slightest temptation. Remember any sex outside of marriage was punishable by death in those days, and the Lord himself cautioned us that even lustful thoughts render us guilty (Matt 5:28). His own Law required the shedding of innocent blood as the only acceptable sacrifice for sin. In order to be our Savior, He had to remain sinless in thought, word, and deed.

Could a man, in love with a beautiful woman, prevent even one lustful thought from entering his mind? It doesn’t make sense! This is just the latest attempt to portray Jesus as a mere man by people who don’t understand what it took to purchase our freedom from the bondage of sin.