What Is God’s Purpose?


Recently I talked with my Mom about eschatology and looming prophetic events. When we discussed the final 7 dreadful years of judgment before Christ’s return she asked me a question I couldn’t answer properly. I said although Satan is in charge here God is restraining evil. But He’ll stop restraining it during the final 7 years. My Mom’s question is: why will God stop restraining evil at all ? I couldn’t really answer it. I heard that evil has to unfold fully and absolutely but I don’t know what God’s real purpose with it is. Could you please help me with this question?


According to Jeremiah 30:11 God will remove His restraint of evil in the last days for two reasons. One is to completely destroy all the nations among which Israel has been scattered, and the second is to discipline Israel in preparation for the coming Kingdom Age. Both of these will be accomplished through the work of the anti-Christ who will be assisted by 10 world rulers. Rev. 17:17 says God has put it into their hearts to accomplish His purpose by giving the anti-Christ their power to rule until God’s words are fulfilled.

This means God will influence the 10 leaders to subordinate their power to the anti-Christ so he can rule the world with unrestrained power until God’s will as stated above is accomplished.