What Makes The Millennium A Failure?


Re: Your study on Dispensationalism. What makes the Millennium end in failure and judgment? I’ve always thought it was our Lord’s final triumph over evil–when he briefly looses them to send them into everlasting punishment. Please enlighten me as to what I have missed here.


Here’s why the millennium, like the six dispensations before it, will end in failure. It will begin with everyone being a believer, with the Lord ruling in person, Satan being bound for the entire period, and with the redeemed Church demonstrating the incomparable riches of God’s grace (Ephes. 2:6-7) in the New Jerusalem. But before it’s over the vast majority of people on Earth will rebel against God and will launch a huge battle to get Him out of their lives for good. As they march against Israel from all over the earth, fire will come down from heaven and consume them all (Rev. 20:7-10).

Remember, God’s goal in all of the 7 dispensations was and is to demonstrate that as long as man has a sin nature, there’s no way for Him to live in peace with His Creation. Both history and prophecy show that each of God’s attempts at peace with natural man have and will end in failure and judgment. Only by having our sin nature removed can we be made fit to dwell with God.