What’s The Timing Of Isaiah 17?


Your website is a great blessing. I read you everyday, both the questions and answers and also once a week on your articles. I praise God that you are very plain in your explanations. Here’s my question. I am interested in the end times and have been reading a lot over the years. But I have not really studied out the time line of when Damascus will be destroyed. Do you think this could happen before the rapture of the Church? Or is it specific to during the tribulation or at Armageddon?


Syria is not listed among the participants of the Battle of Ezekiel 38. Given its history, the only reason I can see is for that is that Syria will have ceased to exist as a threat to Israel by that time. This leads me to believe that Isaiah 17, the prophecy of the destruction of Damascus, will take place before the Battle of Ezekiel 38 and quite possibly before the rapture. In fact, a growing number of observers believe we may be in the early stages of it’s fulfillment right now. It would only take one or two wrong moves on somebody’s part to escalate the war in Syria into the final fulfillment of Isaiah 17.