Where Are You, Lord?


I used to be able to hear God not in audio but I always knew when he was talking to me but after a medical issue I cannot hear him anymore and it is very bothersome. The medical issue was the worst time of my life although it turned out just to be stress. Since that time I have felt so abandoned. It was the only time in my life that I felt Jesus actually left me and said your on your own. It has been about 6 months and I have not felt like that “Praise God” but he has still not revealed or communicated himself to me the sameway he used too. I know he loves me (and he knows I love him), I know I’m forgiven, and I know the end is soon but should I be worried about this? Maybe I failed a test when I was sick?


The Lord has not changed, nor did He leave you on your own, because that would constitute breaking His word to you. “Surely I am with you, even to the very end of the Age.” (Matt. 28:20) And you didn’t fail some mysterious test. There could be something that has put you out of fellowship with Him, or the trauma of your medical condition has affected your ability to listen. In either case, assume the responsibility, confess to Him and ask Him to restore your prior relationship. He wants that even more than you, and has likely sent someone to you to tell you what’s wrong. Try to remember if anyone has suggested anything to you that might give you a clue. If you can’t, ask Him to reveal it to you.