Who Did Adam And Eve Walk With?


My question pertains to who walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden. Was it God the Father? And if so, how can we reconcile that with no one ever seeing God? I feel a little stumped. I can understand if it was the pre-incarnate Christ but just want to make sure I am correct!!


The phrase “walked with God” first appears in the Bible in Genesis 5:22 and refers to Enoch after He was “raptured” but I understand what you’re asking.

God cannot look upon sin (Habakkuk 1:13) and that’s why He told Moses no one can see His face and live (Exodus 33:20). Before the fall, Adam and Eve were without sin and immortal, so this restriction would not have applied to them, just like it won’t apply to us when we’re in Heaven.

After the fall, when God wanted to be visible to man, He appeared in the form of His son, the pre-incarnate Christ, who is often referred to as “the Angel of the Lord”. This is to distinguish Him from actual angels who were called “an angel of the Lord”.

But keep in mind that you and I are said to be walking with God when we strive to live according to the direction of the Holy Spirit. So it is possible to “walk with God” without seeing Him.

And then there are those special moments when we can sense His presence so strongly that it’s almost as if we really could see Him. These are the times we treasure above everything else in our life.