Why Are Catholics Wrong?


Why are we as Catholics wrong in trying to get as close and intimate to our Lord Jesus Christ as we can through the Roman Catholic Church?


There’s nothing wrong with anyone trying to get as close to the Lord as possible, and I believe there are many saved Catholics. But to be fully immersed in the Catholic system requires the veneration of men and the commission of religious works that are not only unbiblical but unnecessarily cumbersome. At best, they present needless obstacles to the very thing the believer is trying to accomplish, and at worst they can divert the believer into a form of idolatry that the Lord condemned.

In short the saints are unnecessary as intercessors, the sacraments comprise a works based religious system that adds to the Lord’s death, transubstantiation of the bread and wine into the Lord’s actual body and blood requires the Lord to be on the cross for eternity with His work unfinished, and the insistence that only Catholics are the Bride is religious intolerance that denies the right of believers to come just as they are directly to the cross.

In order for a practicing Catholic to achieve true intimacy with the Lord all these things have to be ignored, since by their commission a believer demonstrates his doubt in the sufficiency of the Lord’s life, death and resurrection.