Why Don’t They Understand This?


In your book, “Seven Things You Have To Know …” You said, “History shows us that after the cross, major signs began to appear in the Temple indicating the obsolescence of its ritual. First, the veil was torn, opening the way to the Holy of Holies. Then, one of the seven lamps of the Menorah refused to stay lit. The main entrance door kept opening by itself. The ribbon attached to the scapegoat’s horn no longer turned from red to white at the moment of its death as it always had before. And there were others.” Where can I read about these signs that happened after the cross? Do Jews acknowledge these signs? If so, how do they still deny Jesus? Also, how did the Jews transition away from animal sacrifices?


The torn veil is mentioned in the Gospels (Matt. 27:51, Mark 15:38, Luke 23:45), but I got the others from a book called “The Fall Feasts of Israel” by Dr. Mitch Glaser, where I learned that these things were documented in religious and historical writings of the time.

The Jews transitioned away from animal sacrifice after 70 AD because it requires a temple. When the Temple was destroyed, and Jerusalem was burned, the ruling body relocated to Tiberius and developed the form of Judaism we have today. When a new Temple is built they’ll resume animal sacrifices.

There are reasons why so many Jewish people don’t comprehend the importance of these signs. One is because it’s hidden from their eyes (Luke 19:41-45) and their hearts have been hardened (Romans 11:25). The other is like most people, including the Church, they don’t study their own history and therefore fail to learn from it.