Why Keep It Quiet?


While re-reading Matthew , Mark and now part of Luke there seems to be an ongoing theme when Jesus healed some, He told them not to tell anyone. Do you think because the Father was not glorified for the crowds to see that this could be the reason or am I missing a bigger picture. Also why would Jesus tell the demons to be quiet about who He was? I read your site most everyday and have learned so much, thank you!


God had established a specific day for Jesus to officially present Himself to Israel as their Messiah (Daniel 9:24-27). This was so there could be no doubt that He was the one. The Lord’s ministry began 3 years before that time, so when He performed miracles of different kinds, He asked the recipients to keep it quiet. He also refused to allow the demons He encountered to acknowledge Him for who He was.

I think He did this in obedience to God’s schedule. The date that had been chosen for His public “unveiling” was the day now known as Palm Sunday, exactly 483 years from the day King Artaxerxes ordered Jerusalem to be re-built (Nehemiah 2:1-9), just like Daniel said. When they did not officially receive Him as their Messiah on that day, He warned them of the judgment coming upon them for their failure (Luke 19:41-44). Of all the signs He had given them, this was the one that should have been impossible to miss.