Will Babies Cry In The Millennium?


In the Millennial period there is not supposed to be any problem with sin as Satan will be locked up for 1000 years and then set free for a while. My question is during the time period that there is no sin will babies still cry when they are uncomfortable, like hungry or wet or cold? Isn’t the reason babies cry now because sin is a part of us from birth?

For instance, will there be any chance of illness or pain during this time? If we, the Church, will reign with Christ, on earth, doing different jobs, i.e. governing, teaching etc., without any sin in people’s lives why would they still need any help at all? No need for hospitals, nurses, doctors etc. I’m sure you see my point and am very interested in what you believe.


Let’s clarify a couple of things first. The Church won’t live on Earth during the Millennium, but in the New Jerusalem, which is in the vicinity of Earth but not part of it. What our role relative to the people of Earth will be is not clear.

People who populate Earth will be believing Tribulation survivors. They’ll go into the Kingdom in their natural state and will retain their sin nature. Their babies will cry because that’s the only form of communication they have, so their cries alert their parents to the fact that they have a problem. Usually it’s hunger or a dirty diaper, but sometimes it’s some other kind of pain. It’s not due to their sin nature.

Since there will be sin on Earth there will be sickness and disease. At the beginning it will be rare, increasing as the number of Millennial children who refuse to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior increases.