Will My Disease Keep Me Out Of Heaven?


I have Epilepsy and in Matthew 4:24, 17:15 it makes epilepsy/seizures sound as if I have demons within me, and or have a very weak faith. I’m a person that studies the Bible and try my best to become more like Jesus daily. All I want to know is since I believe in Jesus and try real hard to follow him I will still be accepted into Heaven won’t I? I really don’t see why I wouldn’t, but when reading a article these questions arose so I decided to ask you.


In these passages the Bible describes a boy who is demon possessed and presents symptoms similar to epilepsy. This does not mean that people with epilepsy are demon possessed. Most types of epileptic seizures can be controlled with medication. That would not be true in the case of a demon possessed person.

Becoming more like Jesus and trying to follow Him are goals the Bible encourages, but your entrance into Heaven is not dependent upon doing so. Entrance into heaven is only conditioned upon being born again (John 3:3). We become born again by believing we’re sinners, and that Jesus came to Earth to die for our sins and rose again, proving His death was sufficient. This belief allows us to become children of God (John 1:12-13), members of His family.

Believers who die before the rapture will receive new, perfect, immortal bodies at the resurrection. Those who are still alive will have their current bodies changed from mortal to immortal and cleansed of all imperfections. In both cases by the time we arrive in heaven there will be no trace of any earthly disease, deformity, or other deficiency in our bodies. Therefore, no earthly disease can prevent a believer from entering heaven.