Will God Forgive Them?


My children refuse to forgive me for something terrible I did many years ago. I do not want their failure to forgive me held against them. If I ask the Lord not to hold that sin against them, as He did on the cross, will God not hold it against them?


Matt. 6:14-15 says unless we forgive those who’ve sinned against us, God will not forgive our sins. This doesn’t apply to our salvation but to maintaining our fellowship with God after we’re saved. If your children are saved, their failure to forgive you will not endanger their eternal salvation but it will cause them to be estranged from God during their lives here.

If that’s the case, my advice is to ask the Lord to soften their hearts toward you and lead them to forgiveness. The Lord’s preference is always reconciliation so you’ll be praying in His will. If they’re not saved then pray for their salvation just like you would if there weren’t any issues between you.