Will Jerusalem Be Divided Again?


There is so much talk about scattering Israel and dividing Jerusalem these days. Also much talk about the Psalm 83 prophecy which talks about a confederation of the surrounding Arab and Palestinian nations coming against Israel and being completely defeated by the IDF. At the same time I read in Zechariah 1: 18 / 19 about four horns coming to scatter Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem. There seems to be a contradiction between this Scripture and Psalm 83. I know there cannot be any contradiction in Holy Scripture, that is impossible. How do you see things? Can you help please?


Notice in Zech. 1:19 the word scattered is in the past tense. Zechariah wrote just after the 70 year Babylonian captivity, and the Jews were scattered at its beginning, which is what the vision was recalling. In verse 20 the word scattered is also in the past tense. In effect, the vision says that those who scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem will now be punished.