Will Jerusalem Be Divided Again?


I really enjoy your website and have learned much from the articles you’ve posted. Recently Israel has been facing a greater pressure from the international community to withdrawal their borders to the 1967 borders and to divide Jerusalem so that the Palestinians may establish their capital in the proposed East Jerusalem. PM Netanyahu has even been under the political pressure of the United States to “give back land” and divide Jerusalem since Obama has occupied the Oval Office. My question is this: Is it prophesied in the Bible that in the last days Jerusalem would be divided and under the partial control by Israel’s enemies (Palestinians)?


The only place where the Bible talks about Jerusalem being divided again is in Zechariah 14:2, which takes place just before the Lord’s return. This tells me the city has to be unified previous to that time. Whether there’s a short term division between now and then is not mentioned anywhere that I can find. As I interpret Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38, it appears the Palestinian problem might be resolved soon, but not because of any negotiations.