Will The Anti-Christ Know Who He Is?


I’ve been closely reading your last two articles concerning the Antichrist and Mr. Obama. Does scripture indicate whether or not the Antichrist KNOWS he is the Antichrist? In other words, would he from birth know that this is his destiny? That everything the BIble says about the Antichrist, refers to him? Or would his fulfillment of prophecy be something that happens due to his own agenda? For instance, would he knowingly be working alongside Satan or would Satan be working him for his own purposes without him knowing what is happening?


This is only my opinion because the Bible doesn’t say, but I don’t think the anti-Christ will truly know who he is until he’s personally indwelt by Satan, and maybe not even then. Satan may keep his identity a secret from his host until the very end. I think man’s pride is such that we can be convinced we really are a god and can do anything we set our minds to, even when it takes putting ourselves above the law.