Will The Sacrifices Save Them?


I understand Jews living in Israel will sacrifice in the temple during the first three and one half years of Daniels 70th Week. It seems there will be two groups again. Those believing in Jesus and those in the Father only. You said and I agree that salvation will be by faith that they have to maintain. Now, will the Jew who doesn’t profess faith in Jesus as Messiah have salvation because they believe in the Father and are sacrificing again?


Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father but through me” (John 14:6). Offering sacrifices never saved anyone unless they did so in faith that the sacrifices would set aside their sins until the Messiah came and died for them once and for all. After the 70th week begins there will be two types of believers in Israel again, those who believe in the Father only and those who also believe in the Son. Both types will offer sacrifices in the Coming Temple, but only those who have accepted Jesus as their Messiah will be saved by them.