Worship In Heaven


I am a born again Christian and have been for many years. I love the Lord and I know he is the only answer. However, I know how God loves a humble heart and can’t stand people who are high on themselves. By us worshiping God forever and all the time, is God saying he wants us to be humble but yet he covets all the worship all the time? I know no one else deserves worship, but does God have any humbleness about him? Will we get to do other things in heaven and not just worship him all the time? I know this question might sound bad of me, but i was just hoping that God wasn’t someone who wanted to be exalted all the time.


There’s nothing in the Bible that says we’ll spend all of our time in worship, and God certainly doesn’t need our worship to make Him feel good about Himself. The idea of believers sitting on clouds playing harps and worshiping God continuously is man made.

I do imagine that in our next life we’ll spend a lot of time worshiping God, but it won’t be difficult or inconvenient for us because our lives will be so exciting and fulfilling that we’ll want to praise Him whenever we can as much as we can for making it all possible.