Praying for protection from flooding

Our area in India has gotten record-breaking heavy rains, and our village is in danger of flooding. Please pray with us for protection for all our families there and their belongings.

Heavy rains

The nearby reservoir reached the highest it’s ever been and began overflowing, flooding into the village of our prayer house. We were able to get a tractor to build up a bank to help keep water out.

The rain held off for much of the week, giving our people time to prepare the area as much as they could. We met together for prayer often and kept holding our school classes so the kids could have a bit of normalcy.

But the rains returned yesterday, and the water broke over the wall flooding much of the village. But everyone was safe! And we’re assessing the damage to the huts as we can. We are so grateful that the water flowed through the path and not into most of the huts. We are profoundly grateful that everyone is safe and we’re praying for continued protection for each person and their homes. Thank you so much for praying with us!

Thank you so much for your prayers, and love, and concern for our family in India! They are so grateful to know they have family all around the world interceding for them.
♥ Samantha

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