Join us for 40 Days of prayer 2021

Join us for 40 Days of Prayer, February 17 through April 3

So many of you want to do this again this year, and I’m excited for it too!

Our prayer challenge last year quickly turned into a prayer + Bible challenge.  We prayed and read the Gospels together.  God showed up in our lives and amazing things happened in these 40 days! Prayer is powerful and effective! God is faithful. And when we show up, He often shows up even more.

Prayer + two Gospels

I’ve taken your feedback from last year, and I expect this year to be even better! Instead of reading all four Gospels, we’ll read Mark and John, and we’ll read them together chronologically instead of one first, and then the other. This makes our reading for each day about one chapter, taking Sundays off. This is a more manageable daily amount for most of us, and it gives us more time to study and meditate on the passages.

Printable reading list

This time, I’ll prepare a PDF for you to download that has the Bible passage for each day. This will make it easy to keep track of where we are, and you can print it, or read it on your phone, tablet, or computer.

For my own study, I often like to format a passage, remove all the verse notation and distractions, and then print it. This gives me plenty of room to mark it up and write notes and prayers. So I’ll prepare this for anyone who wants to join me! My goal is to have that ready for you along with our outreach post on Saturday. You can also choose to read along in your Bible, or app on the computer.

Daily check-ins on our forum

The other thing that was missing from last year was a daily check-in for us to stay together and fellowship during the challenge. So this time, I’ll post each day, and we can share a prayer, what God is doing in our lives, or something that stood out in the Bible passage, etc. You can share what you’re focusing on in prayer for the challenge and ask others to agree with you in prayer too. If you don’t have access to the forum yet,  email me or fill out our contact form to request access.

We begin on February 17! I’ll post again this weekend with the download, and then we begin the next Wednesday. One week from today!

Ask the Lord for your prayer focus

Use the next week to ask the Lord for direction. Ask Him what He wants you to focus on in prayer for the challenge. Remember that prayer is us coming alongside the Lord in bringing about His will. I believe there are things He wants to do in your life and is waiting for you to ask. (James 4:2) He is a good Father who delights in giving to His children. Last year we saw God move mountains in the marriages, in health, and in the work of our group. I can’t wait to see how God moves in your life during this time.

When we began the challenge, we had no idea that the whole world would change quickly. The world shut down shortly after we began because of Covid. And although it was tough for everyone, I heard how grateful our group was, that they were going into such an uncertain time already in the habit of focused prayer. I pray we’re on the tail end of the pandemic now. And I know many who need help in their businesses and relationships. Both of these things were stressed during all that has happened in the last year. What do you want the Lord to do for you?

Refresh your mindset

Last year I wrote about what you can expect in undertaking a challenge like this, and answered a couple of questions I got on why we are doing this. Why do we need to focus on prayer when God already knows what we need?  I encourage you to read through it this week while preparing your heart for the challenge. 40 Days of Prayer: Intro.

I can’t wait to begin with you next week! If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email me or fill out our Contact form. 

♥ Samantha