This week in Mexico 12-18-21

A glimpse of our week in Mexico!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This is our busiest time of year and it’s so exciting! Exhausting… but exciting! In December we need to cross into California more than normal to pick up donations for the kids here. It’s so exciting! The border between Mexico and the US is now open for tourists. Since it’s been 20 months since most people have been able to cross, and it’s Christmas time, there are more cars crossing than ever. In the 16 years we’ve been here I’ve never seen the line so long that we couldn’t find the end of it and had to go home! That was last Friday. Then on Monday, we left two hours earlier, and got in line, but we got stuck in the line for seven hours. Trying to avoid that the next time, we left at 2 am on Thursday! We thought we’d be alone at the border, but at that time the line was already backed up and we only got in because someone let us in! We all crossed just to sit in a parking lot for several hours before everything opened up.  But we did get across and I was able to pick up gifts for our kids and mail our Christmas cards to our supporters! We have one more trip we need to make before Christmas. Please pray for us!

Besides navigating very full border lines, this week our fun has been prepping Christmas food distribution bags and making stockings with our kids this week.

For next week we’re dividing up the areas we serve, and we’re figuring out how to deliver all the groceries to each area in time.

More grocery deliveries!


Escueltia—Our school classes

We like to do games and crafts after classes and this week we made stockings with the kids! We made little Christmas trees together earlier. Here, at least with the families we know, they are mostly decorations or for little candies so it does not put pressure on the parents to have more gifts!

And that’s our week in Mexico! Thank you for all your prayers!

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Thank you for your love, and your prayers for those we serve around the world! It’s absolutely amazing what happens when we come together and follow the Lord’s leading. I’m beyond grateful for you all!

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God bless you!
♥ Samantha