Elementary School Classroom

Due to over crowding, the students in a nearby village are not getting enough personal attention from their teachers.  The weaker ones are falling behind and when that happens the government threatens to take them away from their parents.  The principal asked the government to build another classroom to correct this problem, but she was turned down.  Unlike many principals, she insists her students learn music, art, and sports in addition to required classes, making hers one of the few full day schools around.   This costs money that would otherwise be available for buildings.  They said she can’t have both.

Not willing to sacrifice the quality of her program, she asked us to build the overflow classroom, and after getting permission from the government, we agreed.  This is a campus format so each classroom is a separate building.  We are providing this at no cost to the school and out of gratitude, parents with construction skills have agreed to help with the labor under the direction of our crew.  They are proud of their school and are happy to help preserve its programs.  As you can see the kids are pretty happy, too.