A Christian In A New School


I’m 17 years old and moved from Cincinnati into Austin Texas, which is a very liberal area. I’m having a lot of trouble adapting because I feel its so hard to really be proactive with my faith and get the word out, because I’m experiencing enough persecution as it is. Granted I do reach out to people here and there, but its hard to do in high school .

But as I’m reading you’re articles I feel encouraged because it brings to attention how stupid we are to worry so much about this life and what people will think of us, instead of focusing on the next life. It’s great that you tackle your subjects in a non-denominational sense and just focus on what the Bible says.

I have a question. I’m really worried about leading people astray. I feel the need to help people, and teach them the word of God, spread the faith, but I’m afraid of misleading someone unintentionally. Through misquotes or something of that matter, because I think the Bible says those who mislead people will face harsher judgement. So what’s your input on that?


When Paul first went to Corinth, he knew it was a place that prided itself on intellectual debate. Before he arrived, he resolved to preach nothing but the simple Gospel message. That way, he said, their faith would not rest on man’s wisdom but God’s power. (1 Cor. 2:1-5)

If you’re concerned about misleading people you can follow Paul’s advice and stick to the Gospel message. Man is a sinner who can’t save himself. He needs a savior. Jesus died to pay for our sins and be our savior. When we accept His death as payment for our sins, we’re forgiven and will inherit eternal life.

If you feel you lack the wisdom to do this, James 1:5 says that when you pray for wisdom, God will grant it in abundance.