When Is Intervention Appropriate?

My question concerns being concerned about a loved one’s walk with the Lord. When it is obvious that they are continually putting self first or are imprisoned by an addiction, is it considered judging them when I pray for them. My attitude is that if I were in the same condition or position, knowing that I was still loved by them, I would covet their prayers.

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Is 10 Days Significant?

Q. I was recently reading an article about another bride type (Abigail and David and Nabal) and in the story (1 Samuel) Nabal takes ten days to die. Now Rebbeca stayed with her family ten days and Jesus told His disciples they would have tribulation ten days. Can you tell me what the significance is of those ten days and how and where they fit in with us in these last days?

A. According to Genesis 24:55-61 Rebecca’s family wanted her to stay for 10 days or so, but she didn’t stay. In 1 Samuel 26:5 it did take Nabal about 10 days to die following a heart attack. In Rev. 2:10 the 10 days Jesus referred to was actually the reign of 10 Roman Emperors and lasted a total of 250 years. The number 10 when used symbolically in Scripture denotes completeness. This is illustrated in the fact that after the reign of the 10th Emperor, Christianity was no longer persecuted and in fact was eventually received as the official religion of the Roman Empire. I don’t see a connection to the End Times in this.

God’s New Laws

Q. Could you give me all the references to God’s Laws that we are required to follow now.  I know about the 10 commandments, loving God and loving others, but I’d like a complete list of them if possible.

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Judgment By Weather

You said that you felt the bad storms and such could be judgments from God. Right now Iowa is having horrible flooding. My question is if God is allowing this to send a message then why do you think the Midwest, America’s heartland, always gets hit. Why not California or the biggie Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Real Locusts Or Demonic Beings?


Q. We have been studying Joel recently and I wonder if you know if there was a fulfillment of the locust invasion in Joel’s time in which natural locusts ate everything, and if the locusts spoken about in 1:18-2:20 are the same ones spoken of in Revelation 9? The reason I ask is because in the beginning of the book of Joel it says that the locusts ate everything, but in Revelation 9 the locusts were told not to touch the grass or trees or any green thing. The locusts in chapter 2 of Joel must be supernatural as it says in 2:8 “when they fall on the sword they are not wounded.”

I have heard that Amos 7:1 is translated in the Septuagint differently than in our modern translations and that it mentions gog being the king of the locusts. The way I have heard it translated is : “And behold a swarm of locusts was coming, and one of the young devastating locusts was gog the king.” This seems to tie in with Revelation 9 where the king of these locusts is Apollyon or Abaddon, another name for Satan. Any thoughts?

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Can I Divorce My Gay Husband?

Q. I’d like to tell you what’s happening to us and ask your opinion of what I should do. My husband of 30 years left home about seven months ago. Last year he said he was in love with a young MAN of 20, my husband is nearly 57. I went to talk with this man, as it happened it was all in my husband’s mind, the young man is actually heterosexual. Anyway, my husband left home and is living alone.

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OSAS And Luke 8:13

Q. I have yet another question regarding OSAS. I own a bible that has commentary from a well known preacher. I was reading through the book of Luke. In particular, my question is, what is your interpretation of Luke 8:13. The commentary from this preacher on this particular verse, states basically that this verse refutes the doctrine of unconditional eternal security.

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Is Demonic Visitation Possible?

Q. I have a friend who is a born again believer. She recently told me that she saw something in her house that frightened her. She believes it was a demon. After that, she has ” felt” something touch her. She said most recently, she felt like something was choking her. I suggested she talk to her pastor about this but she is afraid that he might think she is going crazy. Have you ever had experience with yourself or someone you know who is a believer being physically attacked by a demon? Do you have any suggestions I can pass along to my friend?

A. While a believer can suffer demonic oppression and even torment there are limits set by God. Remember Satan was allowed to afflict Job but couldn’t take his life (Job 1:6). Tell your friend to get some like minded believers together and pray over and through her house to declare it off limits in Jesus’ name. You can walk around it while praying like Joshua did at Jericho and anoint the door posts and window frames with oil if you like. We also have authority on Jesus’ name over demons in case of another visitation.

Be sure to make a thorough confession before doing this to make certain that you’re within God’s protective power. (1 John 1:9)

Will Babylon Be Desolate Or Not?

I was wondering why in the passages pertaining to the Doom of Babylon there appears to be a contradiction when some passages say that the land would never be inhabited again by man or beast versus the land would be abandoned by men but would be inhabited by animals.(Isaiah 13-14 and Jeremiah 50-51)

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Where Are The Real 10 Commandments?

I was talking with an atheist about morality and about God’s holy nature, and the Ten Commandments came up, and she asked me “What is the tenth commandment?” I responded “Do not covet”. She immediately said that I was wrong and that the actual Ten Commandments are in Exodus 34: 1-28.

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