Is The 70th Week Half Over?


I have just read your article on the sequence of end time events, which I agree with wholeheartedly. However, a friend of mine in the US, who has a remarkable grip on scriptures and the Bible, says that Daniel’s 70th week started with Christ’s ministry, ending half way through the ‘week’ when Jesus was hung on the cross. In her opinion there are only 3 1/2 years left of Daniel’s 70th week prophecy and that will be the Great Tribulation. Her numbers and dates seem to add up but my own knowledge is not enough to refute her opinion. What do you say?


Sorry, but I don’t believe the 70th Week of Daniel was partially completed by the Lord’s earthly ministry. Here’s why.

Daniel 9:26 says, “After the sixty-two sevens the Anointed One will be cut off and have nothing.” (One “seven” equals 7 years, a week of years.)

Since the order of Daniel 9:25 means the first 7 “sevens” would also have been completed, Daniel 9:26 tells us the Anointed One (Messiah) would be “cut off” after 69 of the 70 “sevens”. The Hebrew word translated “cut off” means to “cut down, eliminate, or kill”.

Then it says, “The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary.” This refers to the Roman army burning the city and destroying the Temple 38 years after the crucifixion.

Following that, this ruler will confirm a covenant with many for one “seven”(Daniel 9:27). This is the remaining seven years of Daniel’s prophecy

No matter whether you think this final “seven” has already taken place or not, the language is clear that it follows the Lord’s death. Therefore His earthly ministry could not have occurred during the first half of the 70th Week.

In addition, the Seal and Trumpet judgments will occur in the first half of the final seven years. Wars, famine, earthquakes, and other judgments will kill 1/3rd of mankind during that time (Rev. 9:15). There’s no record of a series of judgments like this taking place during the Lord’s time on Earth.