Am I Right In Considering Leaving My Church?


Over this past year I’ve noticed many changes in my local church. I’ve seen decisions made by the Pastor alone that have both concerned and forced me to take a close look at the way things are changing. Most of these issues do not pertain to the actual preaching of God’s Word  but have caused me to have a deep concern for keeping this Pastor as my local Shepard.  I believe from scriptures, that the biblical foundation of the church is being compromised and I’m considering leaving this congregation over it.  Am I right in considering leaving for these reasons?



It’s not for me to say whether you should leave your local church or not, especially knowing as little as you’ve told me about the situation.

My advice is to seek the Lord’s counsel and see what He thinks you should do.

By the way, have you spoken to the Pastor or any other leader about this?  Perhaps you’ve misunderstood something that could be cleared up with a conversation or two.  If not, you will at least be more certain about your options.