Christian Life In The Millennium


You recently stated “we can assume there will be no more prophecy after the end of the 70th Week, which coincides with the Second Coming.” But you also stated “I’m guessing the Lord will have additional revelation for man in the early days of the Millennium like He did for us.” By that do you mean you believe post Second Coming revelation will not be prophetic? I am confused. Please explain what you mean.


You’re referring to “Questions About The Millennium” and “Seal Up Vision And Prophecy”. Paul’s letters came after the Church was born. They mainly consist of instructions on how to actualize our faith during the Church Age that cannot be found in the Old Testament. These instructions are not thought of as prophecy.

In my answer I was speculating that something similar to Paul’s letters will be provided to Millennial believers explaining how to actualize their faith. From what little we know, it appears that Christian life in the Millennium will be different from what it is for the Church, and most of the questions I receive about it are not answered in the New Testament.