Life In The Millennium


May God Bless you for your teaching, your labors are bearing fruit.

During the Millennial Kingdom; will there be marriage? Will there be death? I read somewhere “Some could/would die at the old age of 100 years.” Would the offspring of the initial Kingdom inhabitants marry with the other inhabitants’ offspring?


In the Millennial Kingdom there will be two separate population centers. In the New Jerusalem, where the raptured and resurrected Church will dwell, there will be no death, no marriage, and no bearing of children. (Matt. 22:30 & Rev. 21:4)

On Earth, where believing Tribulation Survivors who are still in their natural states will live, there will be death, marriage, and the bearing of children. Those who die at age 100 will be mere youths and those who fail to reach 100 will be considered accursed, according to Isaiah 65:20.