Confronting A Sister In Law’s Infidelity


My sister-in-law has told me that she’s in love with another man, other than her husband. She still claims to be a Christian, and does not feel that it is wrong to meet with the other man and have a relationship with him. I have prayed for her and I know in my heart this is not right. What should I do? Keep my nose out? I have told her that it is wrong and gave her Bible scripture but she still continues, and it has gotten to the place where it is has caused friction within the family, the ones that she has told. She hasn’t told her husband, so what can we do as a family to stop this before she destroys her own family (she has two beautiful children)? I don’t feel like I can go to our pastor because of it being an embarrassment to the family. We need prayer and guidance.



Matt: 18:15-17 provide the proper sequence. Confront her once more. If you get nowhere, go to her again, but take the family members who know about this with you. (This is sometimes called an intervention these days.) If it still doesn’t get her attention then include the Pastor. By not involving the Church, you’re only delaying your embarrassment not avoiding it.

The fact that she’s told several family members is probably a sign that she’s hoping her husband will find out through one of you. This could actually be a plea for help. But regardless of that, your choice is either helping bring this out into the open while there’s still a chance of salvaging the marriage, or waiting until it comes out on its own when it’s too late.