Destroying Jewish Towns


Thank you for your insight and inspiring articles. I really enjoy your website and the mp3 Bible studies are awesome!

I was reading an article entitled “Israel Agrees to Destroy Jewish Towns, Starting in November.” This article really disturbs me. It seems that Olmert is “selling out” Israel. This man seems to be nothing but evil, working against the Jews who he should be supporting and having their best interest at heart. What is your take on this?

Our world is in such a mess. I pray every day that “today” will be the day Jesus comes in the clouds to take his children home!


Like most politicians with single digit approval ratings, PM Olmert is trying frantically to salvage his position. And in his case, he has a brand new political party to worry about as well. The Kadima party was formed by his mentor Ariel Sharon and won’t survive if Olmert is forced into early elections. Since over half the people of Israel are so tired of war they’re willing to accept even a semblance of peace, Olmert is willing to give away the store to get it, even if it means displacing a whole bunch of them. All of this is in the name of political expediency.

Apparently it hasn’t dawned on Israel’s non-religious politicians that both of the Prime Ministers who gave away Biblical lands met with swift and it seems permanent judgment.

On a prophetic note, remember that Israel has to be weakened to a point where the Moslem coalition will dare to attack and God can intervene to save them. Giving up Judea and Samaria will certainly bring them closer to that point. That won’t excuse the politicians from culpability, but it will bring God’s plan for Israel closer to fulfillment.