Dinosaur Fossils And Creation


Your website is an invaluable resource and I am very grateful for it, you and your family’s ministry. I am trying to answer questions for a skeptical unsaved family member and praying for God’s grace to open his eyes. How can we reconcile the existence of dinosaur fossils with our biblical view of creation?


In my opinion, the current Scientific view of creation cannot be reconciled with the Biblical account. As long as the world gives fallen men with a doubtful hypothesis more credibility than the infallible Creator who was the only eye witness to the event there will be conflict. You can date the Biblical account of creation as having taken place about 6,000 years ago and it says that animals were created on day 6 along with mankind. The dating methods of science have shown themselves to be unreliable at such distances and the fact is that no one alive today can recreate the conditions of the pre-flood world so as to accurately measure its age. They have to assume that conditions have always been the way they currently are. Therefore, it’s man’s opinion against God’s word.

God asks us to accept His word for these things and to stake our eternal destiny on our belief that He always tells the truth. Man asks us to believe that the very first words out of His mouth were a lie.