Doubting My Salvation


I asked Christ to come into my life over 33 years ago and for the first 30 years I never doubted that I was His. Now that it appears we may be nearing the time of the end, I’ve been fearful that I’m not saved for some reason. I’ve always been a believer in once saved, always saved, so why am I having these fears and doubts? Is it the enemy messing with me or could it be that I’ve not spent regular time with the Lord in recent years or what? I know we can’t rely on feelings, but it’s very unsettling to doubt my salvation after so many years of feeling totally secure.


Based on what you’ve told me, I think you should consider the possibility that the Holy Spirit is calling you to rekindle your relationship with the Lord. Not to protect your salvation, since that’s His job (2 Cor. 1:21-22), but to experience the blessings that accompany a closer walk with Him, and give you a renewed assurance of your security.

As is the case with all relationships, the one we have with the Lord can become routine over time. To renew the intimacy of their relationship lots of married couples go on a second honeymoon . Maybe the Lord wants to have one with you.